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Dr Victor Letsoejane Litlhakanyane

Dr Victor Letsoejane Litlhakanyane

Managing Director of Ditau Health Solutions

The Managing Director of Ditau has experience in both the public and private sectors. He was in a senior position in the South African public health sector for more than 9 years from 1995 to 2004. He also worked as a senior Executive in the largest listed Health Company on the African continent for 7 years from 2004 to 2011. His expertise includes:

  • Health Policy Development
  • Health Policy implementation
  • Health Policy Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic leadership
  • Operational management
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Corporate Governance
  • Change management
  • Clinical leadership


He obtaied the medical degree M.B. Ch. B. from the University of KwaZulu-Natal where he was also elected to a number of leadership positions on the Medical Students Representative Council, Alan Taylor Residence House Committee, Black Sport Union and the Happy Valley Clinic Committee. He obtained a Masters in Medicine (Radiotherapy) postgraduate Specialist degree from the University of the Free State after which he registered as a Radiation Oncologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. He holds a Masters in Business Administration in Health Care from the University of Free State. He also served on the Alumni committee for this program and was elected an achiever of the year in 2002. He also holds a Certificate in Health Services Management from Clark Atlanta University in the USA and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Management from the University of Cape Town. He has presented a number of papers in national and international conferences. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Faculties of Health Sciences and Economic Management Sciences at the University of the Free State.


Dr Litlhakanyane is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a medical practitioner and Radiation Oncologist. He served on the HPCSA Council until 2011 when the new Council was reconstituted. He was a Board Member of the Hospital Association of South Africa until 2011. He is an Associate of The College of Radiation Oncologists of South Africa and served on the College Council for a number of years. He was a member of the Free State University Council until 2004. He received the Oliver Tambo fellowship in health leadership in 1996. He served on the WHO Patient safety panel for a number of years.

Work Experience

Dr Litlhakanyane has the following work experience:

Clinical experience

He did his Internship at Pelonomi Academic Hospital. He was appointed as a Registrar in the Department of Radiation Oncology where he was involved in teaching and research functions. He was also part of the outreach programme to regional Hospitals in the Free State and Kimberley Hospitals.

Public Health sector Management

Dr V Litlhakanyane was appointed Chief Director for health service in the Free State province in 2005 where he was responsible for the deracialisation and transformation of the health services. During this period he successfully led the following projects amongst others:

  1. Establishment of the Academic Health Complex inclusive ofUniversitas, Pelonomi and National Hospitals. The platform was alsoextended to include outreach to Kimberley and Bongani Hospitals.
  2. Creations of levels of care by defining types of facilities andstaffing requirements
  3. Decentralisation of health services including the establishmentof Health Districts, District Management teams and governance structures
  4. Legal framework through the development of the Free StateHealth Act, and Free Sate Nursing Act.
  5. Referral system review and the implementation of the commutertransport system
  6. The Co-location Private public partnership model atUniversities and Pelonomi Hospitals
  7. Agreement between the University of the Free State and the FreeState Department of Health on the joint establishment
  8. Re-establishment of national Hospital as a District Hospital
  9. Review of Nursing education
  10. Agreement with the Central University of Technology on thetraining of Health professionals
  11. Quality assurance and Accreditation of Health facilities

He was promoted to the position of Superintendent General and Head of the Department of Health in the Free State province in 2001. He managed 30 Hospitals and more than 100 primary health clinics. The staff compliment was about 16 000. He led the Free State Health Department to be recognized as one of the best and innovative Health Departments in South Africa in terms of:

  1. Decentralisation and District development
  2. PHC programme implementation, e.g. Immunization coverage, IMCI implementation, PALSA implementation, Reduction of peri-natal and maternal mortality
  3. Strengthening of Regional Hospitals by appointment of specialists at these Hospitals
  4. Good relationship with the Faculty of health Sciences resultingin the filling of Registrar and Specialists positions and procurement ofstate of the art medical equipment
  5. Creation of filling of CEO posts to manage hospitals
  6. Devolution of management decisions to District Managers and CEOs
  7. Distance learning through the ICAM system
  8. Active participant in all national initiatives and programs
  9. Comprehensive Management of HIV and Aids in partnership withthe private sector and PEPFAR

Private Health Care Sector

Dr Litlhakanyane was appointed as an Executive Director at Netcare, the largest private Health group in South Africa in 2004. During his 7 years employment as Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer at Netcare he led the following divisions, projects and programmes:

  1. Primary Health care Division composed of Primecure and Medicross business units
  2. Corporate Social Investments
  3. Government Relations
  4. Radiology
  5. Radiation Oncology
  6. Liaison with Faculties of Health Sciences and the College ofMedicine.
  7. Quality Leadership
  8. Medical Director
  9. Transformation and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
  10. New Business development
  11. Private Public Partnerships where he led consortia thatsuccessfully bided for the following PPP projects
    • Port Alfred and Settlers Hospitals in the Eastern Cape
    • 4 Filter clinics and a 425 bed national referral Hospital in the Kingdom of Lesotho

Ditau Health Solutions

33 Ballyclare Drive
Ashwood House, Ballywoods Office Park,Bryanston
johannesburg, South Africa

+27 11 540 0329

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